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From we Found, KOTAM has always focused on improving the tools and techniques available for Geophysics and Geotech area.KOTAM’s goal is to provide clients with solutions that meet their needs and is dedicated to continually improving the products and services that add value to our clients’ operations.

The current Software & Equipments research project at KOTAM. ensure we will continue to provide leading edge geophysical & Geotech services to our clients for years to come. Our development team brings together expertise in geophysics, computer programing,  geology,  soil pollution,  civill  engineering and consulting.

Software Development

  • HoleLAT for OBI  :  Borehole coordination Extract and Plot from OYO Optic bore hole images

  • ABI-ProWin for the Geologer-3 : Extract /Convert OYO Televiewer file(Travel-time and Amplitude) to Wellcad 3D file

  • 2D-ShPro : Seismic 2D-SH wave FD modeling software

  • FaceMapPro Ver2.0 : Joint /Fracture Mapping and statical analysis from Optic Borehole data

  • GeologgingWin for Geologger-3030 : Convert OYO geophysical logging data to Ascii file for the GW-combination probe, Temperature, Caliper, Resistivity probe(EL-module)

사본 -170325008.jpg
  • Monitoring Device for deep Hydrofrac (Pressure & Flowmeter)

  • SeismoElectrical suvey for Sub-surface Imaging

  • 3-axis Magnetometer Probe

  • Long-range Wireless Trigger System for Seismic Survey

  • Borehole flowmeter for extremly low flow 

  • Seismic reflection to image shallow gas leakage

Current R&D programs

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